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Easy Fundraisers for Churches & Religious Organizations

There are times when your group needs to raise money for a trip or other activities. Your organization may need to do easy fundraisers to add to your financial portfolio. What fundraisers can our club participate in to raise money? Can these easy fundraisers be done more than once? Read on to discover easy fundraisers that can be used again and again to gain financial profits for your organization.

Car Wash Fundraising

Car washes are always great ways to raise money for your club. Use a church parking lot or the building’s parking lot where your club meets. Set up a large sign that will direct people to your location. Place advertisements around the city to let people know a time and place for the car wash. Place pricing on your sign to let people know what they will pay. You may also want to clean the interior of the car for an additional charge.

Raise Money with Bake Sales

Bake sales are another great way to raise money Bake sales can done all year long or on special occasions like holidays, birthdays or other occasions. Choose the best cooks in the group to cook cakes, cookies and other sweets. Pass out advertising letting people know about your bake sale with a time and place. Give pricing in advance for each of the items you will sell. Pass out your advertising to local churches and businesses. Bake sales are some of the most popular fundraisers. Decide your menu items, pricing and advertise for a successful bake sale.

Host a Fish Fry Fundraiser

There is nothing better than having a fish fry for raising funds for your club. Fish fries are fun and can be done more than one time per year. Choose foods like green beans, coleslaw, potato salad, beans and other items to add with the fish. Sell soda pop, water, tea or lemonade to complete the dinner. Get large signs and advertise to let people know about your fish fry. Place pricing on the signs for a complete meal and individual items.

Bingo Bonanza

Every one loves playing bingo. Make this a part of your easy fundraiser to keep people playing bingo, laughing and being entertained. Bingo helps people fellowship as the money comes pouring in. Set up a large area and have as many patrons as possible. You may even want to give people a prize for the one who wins the most times. Have people pay about one to five dollars per ticket. This will help increase the fundraising royalties to add to your club’s bank roll.

Candy Fundraisers

Candy Fundraisers are the best kind. There are many candy fundraisers that can be googled online. Usually the candy is between two to five dollars per bar. People will be happy to help a club that is doing good for the community,. Make sure that the candy fundraiser is reputable and has been used by others before.

Candle Fundraiser

There are many people who love candles. Having a candle fundraiser is a great way to raise money. The more candles with sweet scents the better. Candle fundraisers can be googled online. Find a reputable company that has been used before.

Thrift Store/Rummage Sale

Have your own thrift store sale. Have people from your club bring items they are no longer using for selling. From that coffee maker to clothing to an extra tire. Anything that club members are not using can be brought to the thrift store or rummage sale for the fundraiser. Advertise your sale a few weeks before the event. Place some of the items that will be sold on your sign. Rummage sales are great fundraisers and can be done anytime of the year.

Popcorn Fundraising Events

Popcorn fundraisers are a great way to raise money. Selling cheese popcorn, butter popcorn, caramel popcorn are all great ideas Popcorn fundraisers can be sold in schools, churches and in businesses to help with financial planning. These types of fundraisers often come with an itemized list with the popcorn and pricing along with a place for the buyer to place his personal information of name, address, telephone number and email address for the seller to let customers know when he popcorn has arrived.

Cab Service From Grocery Stores

There are many people who shop at the grocery store who need to be taken home. They do not have personal transportation and taxi cab prices are often expensive. Groups can make a good financial profits if they offer cab service from the grocery store to home. This works best in smaller towns as larger cities may require longer home driving distances which means more gasoline.

Water and Canned Soda Pop Drive

Many clubs and groups find sporting events in large parks and sell water and soda pops. During the warmer weather in summer, people are often tired and thirsty. Selling things like water, soda pop and candy, or even food items can bring a hefty profit to an organization.

These are some easy fundraisers that can bring money to a club with financial needs. Get a group together or some of your officers to decide which fundraiser you will try. Thee are some fundraisers that can only be done during certain times of the year and some that can be done several times during the year. Choose a fundraiser that will work best for your club. You may want to try several of these easier fundraisers during the year so you will have more of a variety.

These easier fundraisers have been tried and proven to work when using great advertising and great products. Google each fundraiser to see how long it will take to get the items. Find out the process of getting the items and what is required by your organization for selling the products. Look at the customer review ratings to see the satisfaction level. Call the fundraiser representative with any questions you may have. Giving can be time or monetary. Speak with your organization about these easy fundraisers to get the ball rolling on your ideas. Organization and effective communication between those participating in the fundraising will ensure a successful project.

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