About Us


Waterford Baptist Church is one of the pillars of the Albany diocese and religious community. Waterford Baptist exists to give glory to God and has sought to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth since its inception in 1875. Living in this way is made possible only through His power and faith in the one true God. He knows what is best for you and will aid you in your pursuit of happiness on Earth.

Our Mission

Our church aims to educate the local community of Waterford, New York and the surrounding areas on the teaching of Jesus and his disciples. As we lead service and grow together in faith, we hope to one day achieve fulfillment and join Him in Heaven with our family and friends to exist in eternal life. This is achievable only through Him and with Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Having been brought together by divine intervention and the grace of God, we are baptized upon confession of our faith into this community. We submit to the Word of the Lord and do our best to live our lives as God would want, existing in peace and unity.

We will treat our fellow neighbors, co-workers, and strangers as brothers and sisters in Christ. We shall pray for them and wish them the best in their endeavors and seek the salvation of the lost so that they may rejoin our community under our one God.

We will celebrate each other’s differences and wins in this life and support each other when times are difficult. Since being baptized in Christ, we voluntarily enter a covenant to live by His word. Each of us will deny worldly lust and live as a representation of Him on Earth.

When people ask about our religion or our beliefs, we will faithfully preach the Word of the Lord, assisting with the ministry of the church and its evangelical efforts. All this time, our people shall follow the Gospel.